Aspidistra alata


Aspidistra alata Tillich – Blumea 52(2): 336. (2007).


L.V.Averyanov et al. VH 2456 (holo HN, photo M; iso LE), Vietnam, Prov. Cao Bang, Distr.Tra Linh, Subdistr. Quoc Toan, near Thang Heng Lake, alt. 600–700 m, 04.01.1996.


Averyanov et al. CBL 840 (HN, MO), Vietnam, Prov. Cao Bang, Distr. Thach An, municipality Van Trinh, c. 39 km SSE of Cao Bang Town, 22° 21' N, 106° 27' E, 600 m alt., 03.12.1998; Averyanov et al. CBL 879 (HN, MO), Vietnam, Prov. Cao Bang, Distr. Thach An, municipality Thuy Hung, vicinity of village Na Hit, c. 27 km SE Cao Bang Town, 22° 30' N, 106° 27' E, 450–500 m alt., 04.12.1998.


Vietnam: Cao Bang province.








Perennial herb. Rhizome creeping, 5–6 mm diam., densely covered with fibrous remnants of cataphylls. Leaves distally crowded, 80–100 cm long, petiole 15–20 cm, lamina linear, 60–80 by 2.5–3.5 cm, basally gradually tapering to petiole, in herbaria typically blackish brown, with a yellow prominent midrib at lower surface. Flowers solitary, peduncle decumbent, 5–7 cm, with two bracts halfway and one at the base of the flower. Perigone dirty green-violet to dirty reddish; tube urceolate, 8–10 mm long, diam. at lower third 10–12 mm, distally decreasing to 5–6 mm; lobes 6, ligulate with rounded tips, reflexed, 8 by 4 mm, each with 4 thin, parallel keels 1.5–1.8 mm high, keels distally fusing to each other and basally running to the base of the tube. Anthers 6, sessile, ovoid, 1.2 by 0.8 mm, closely attached to the pistil base. Pistil mushroom shaped, ovary inconspicuous, style cylindrical, 2 mm long, stigma hemispherical, 5 mm diam., upper surface with irregular furrows similar to a brain surface.


Tillich et al. (2007). Blumea 52(2): 335–344.