Aspidistra arnautovii


Aspidistra arnautovii Tillich – Feddes Repert. 116(5-6): 314. (2005).



Aspidistra arnautovii Tillich var. angustifolia L.Wu & Y.Feng Huang – Guihaia 32(3): 322. (2012).

Aspidistra arnautovii Tillich var. catbaensis (Tillich) Tillich – Taiwania 59(1): 7. (2014).


Aspidistra punctatoides Yan Liu & C.R.Lin



From a plant in cultivation at the Botanical Garden Munich (accession-nr. 96/3123), collected by N. Arnautov (Arnautov 88-115) in
Vietnam, Prov. Hai Phong, Cat Ba. Tillich 4474 (M).




MW0735023; Tillich 4211 (M); Tillich 4956 (MO); Tillich 4957 (LE); Living plants (Arnautov 88–115) are in cultivation in the Botanical Garden of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences St. Petersburg (see Arnautov, 2002), and in the Botanical Garden Munich (accession-nr. 96/3123).


Vietnam: Hai Phong province (Cat Ba Island); China: Guangxi (southernwest).


Flowers in October–December in nature, in September–December in greenhouse.










Rhizome creeping, epigeous to semihypogeous, ∅ 5–7 mm, cataphylls dark redbrown, up to 10 cm long; Petiole 30–40 cm, stiff upright; Lamina upright or horizontal, lanceolate, attenuate at both ends, 20 (–30) × 4–4.5 cm, dark green with small white spots, midvein somewhat sunken on upper surface, prominent on lower surface, three inconspicuous secondary veins at both sides; Flowers numerous, densely arranged, peduncle 0.5 (–1) cm, perigone widely campanulate, ∅ 20– 25 mm, 18–20 mm long, tube blackish-violet, ∅ 12–15 mm, 9–10 mm high, lobes 8, somewhat bent outwards, blackish violet with yellow tips, triangular, 6–7 mm long. 4–5 mm wide, with two prominent keels ca. 1 mm high, each keel basally fusing with a keel of the adjoining lobe and forming a protruding lip at the fusion point; Stamens 8, inserted at lower third of tube, filaments stout, ca. 1 mm, anthers narrow ovoid, 2.5 mm long; Pistil obconical, 7–8 mm high, ovar inconspicuous, style gradually widened to stigma level, stigma with 4 shallow marginal incisions, upper surface flat or shallowly convex, pale violet, ∅ 8–9 mm, with a cross figure of 4 fine radial whitish lines and additionally fine radial grooves.


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