Aspidistra bogneri


Aspidistra bogneri Tillich – Feddes Repert. 116(5-6): 317. (2005).



From a plant in cultivation at the Botanical Garden Munich (accession-nr. 97/2374), collected by J. Bogner, March 1997 (Bogner 2500) in Vietnam, Prov. Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong. Tillich 4360 (M), including flowers in the liquid collection at (M).



Paratype: Bogner 2500 (M!); Furthermore plants collected by J. Bogner at the type locality are in cultivation in the Botanical Garden Munich (accession-number 97/2404), These plants are source of additional herbarium sheets: Bogner 2802 (M); Tillich 4479 (M).


Vietnam: Thai Nguyen province.


In cultivation as well as in nature, flowers in spring and autumn months.







Rhizome epigeous, ∅ 15–18 mm, cataphylls red-brown, up to 25 cm long; Leaves narrow lanceolate, green, 80–90 cm long and 9–10 cm wide, widest in distal third, tapering continuously to base, petiole missing or inconspicuous, midvein at lower surface a prominent rounded keel, secondary veins inconspicuous, surface of blade smooth; Flowers numerous, dense, subsessile or peduncle 0.5–1 cm, perigone campanulate, red, 30 mm long, 25 mm wide, lobes 8, rounded at tips, 7–8 mm long, 6–7 mm wide, upper surface glossy, smooth, except for the lower third which bears 4 weak keels; Stamens 8, filaments missing, anthers adjacent to tube, narrow lineate, 4.5 mm long and 1.5 mm wide, at upper end of lower half of tube; Pistil obconical, 12 mm long, stigma flat, white, 4-lobed, with fine radial lines.


Tillich H.J. (2005) – Feddes Repertorium 116: 313–338.