Aspidistra campanulata


Aspidistra campanulata Tillich – Blumea 52(2): 337. (2007).



P.K. Loc, N.X. Tam, L.V. Averyanov HAL 211 (holo HN, photo M), Vietnam, Prov. Tuyen Quang, Distr. Na Hang, Xuan Tam municipality, near village Ban Cai, alt. 450–500 m, 22.03.2001.


Vietnam: Tuyen Quang province.


Flowers in March in nature.








Perennial herb. Rhizome creeping epigeously, 3–4 mm diameter. Leaves 5–10 mm apart, petiole c. 7 cm long, gracile, lamina ovate-narrowly ovate, distally tapering into a long tip, 13–15 by 3.5–5 cm. Flowers solitary, peduncle stiff upright, very thin, 4–6.5 cm long, with two basal bracts and one adjacent to the flower; flower position horizontally or obliquely upright, with very pleasant fragrance. Perigone campanulate, white, tube 10 mm long and wide, lobes 6, narrow triangular with rounded tips, 10 mm long and 2.5–3 mm wide at base; tube wall and lobes thin, lobes without keels, but with three nerves running down to the tube base and additionally, at each side a short submarginal vein basally fusing with that of the adjacent lobe. Stamens 6, at the very base of the tube, closely surrounding the style, filaments 1–1.5 mm, anthers lineate, 2.5 by 0.5 mm; pistil very slender, ovar inconspicuous, style c. 8 mm long, stigma somewhat widened, 1–1.2 mm diameter.


Tillich et al. (2007) – Blumea 52: 335–344.