Aspidistra carnosa


Aspidistra carnosa Tillich – Feddes Repert. 116(5-6): 318. (2005).



From a plant in cultivation at the Botanical Garden Munich (accession-nr. 96/3122), collected by N. Arnautov (Arnautov 91–103) in Vietnam, Prov. Lam Dong, Dalat. Tillich 4476 (M), including flowers in the liquid collection at (M).



Paratypes: Bogner 2778 (M!), Tillich 4981 (MO!); Living plants are in cultivation in the Botanical Garden of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, and one plant from Dalat is additionally in cultivation in the Botanical Garden Munich.


Vietnam: Hai Phong province (Cat Ba Island); China: Guangxi (southernwest).


Flowers in October–May in cultivation.








Rhizome epigeous, ∅ 15–18 mm, cataphylls pale green, their length successively increasing from 1 cm to about 15 cm, soon drying, their fibrous remnants covering the Rhizome; Leaves linear, 80 cm long and 2 cm wide, in rosettes of 2–4, uniformly green, midrib sharply protruding abaxially; Flowers solitary or in groups of 2–3, peduncle 1 cm long, with a few small cataphylls, perigone very fleshy, length and diameter 20 mm each, purple outsides, blackish purple insides, lobes 6, greenish at tips, triangular, 10 mm long and 8 mm wide, with two strong, high keels, each basally fusing with a keel of the adjoining lobe, thus forming a shared structure similar to a paracorolla, furthermore two delicate keels running from central base of lobe downwards to base of tube; Stamens 6, at base of tube, filaments 1 mm, anthers ovoid, 2.5–3 mm long; Pistil mushroom-shaped, ovar indistinct, style 2 mm long, stigma conoid, purple, ∅ 7 mm, 5 mm high, with irregular curly radial crests.


Tillich H.J. (2005) – Feddes Repertorium 116: 313–338.