Aspidistra cylindrica


Aspidistra cylindrica Vislobokov & Nuraliev – Syst. Bot. 41(1): 160. (2016).



Vietnam, Kon Tum province: Kon Plong district, Mang Canh municipality, Thach Nham protected forest, 14 km NNE from Mang Den town, in the forest, epilithic, 14°43′55″ N, 108°17′58″ E, elev. 1,150 m, 14 Apr 2015, A. N. Kuznetsov, S. P. Kuznetsova, M. S. Nuraliev 1357 (MW0595646).



Vietnam, Dong Nai prpovince, Binh Phuoc province. 


Flowers in April in nature.
















Plant herbaceous, perennial, rhizomatous, evergreen. Rhizome creeping, with short internodes, epigeous, ascending to vertical with prop roots, 8–9.1 mm in diam. Roots grey or greenish, 2–3.3 mm in diam, with dense hairs persistent up to root base. Rhizomes with regularly repeating units, each comprising distichously arranged phyllomes: 4–8 cataphylls followed by 2–5 foliage leaves. Cataphylls oblong, 5.5–9.2 × 1.1–1.5 cm. Foliage leaves not divided into petiole and lamina, gradually narrowing towards base. Leaf base dark to light green, adaxially sulcate, 3.7–4.5 mm wide. Leaf blade dark to light green, linear, distally narrowly acuminate, 57–85 × 1–1.4 cm, with one secondary vein at each side of midvein. Margin finely serrate. Midvein prominent abaxially. Peduncle (specialized reproductive shoot) pale green with purple spots, 0.9–2.3 cm long, 1.9–3.1 mm in diam, curved at top so that perigone mouth directed downwards, with 3–5 distichously arranged widely ovate scale leaves 7.1–9.5 × 5–7.8 mm. Flower solitary at top of peduncle. Perigone campanulate, 8.1–11.9 mm long, 7.4– 11.6 mm in diam; tube greenish-white at both sides, 4.2–6.2 mm long, 6.2–7.8 mm in diam; lobes 6 (very rarely 5), purple-spotted to completely purple adaxially, greenish-white with purple spots along margin abaxially, triangular-ovate, slightly acuminate, 4.1–6.4 × 3.7–4.7 mm, lobes basally with 2 slightly prominent longitudinal keels. Stamens 6 (very rarely 5), in the same number as perigone lobes, inserted at base of perigone tube, at radii of tepals; anthers subsessile, 0.8–1.1 × 1.9–2.7 mm, introrse, closely appressed to style. Pistil greenish-white, cylindrical, 1.9–2.5 mm high. Style 4.4–5 mmlong, 1.7–2.5 mm in diam. Stigma slightly widened, subglobose, shallowly 3-lobed, rugose with 3 bifurcated radial grooves at upper surface, up to 3 mm in diam. Ovary inconspicuous, superior, 3-locular. Fruit spotted to completely dark-violet, subspherical, 14.5–26 mm high, 9.5–18 mm in diam, with short protuberances. Lower third of fruit narrowed and elongated forming carpophore 4–7 mm long.


Vislobokov et al. (2016) Syst. Bot. 41(1):160–165.