Aspidistra globosa


Aspidistra globosa Vislobokov & Nuraliev – Phytotaxa 282(1): 47. (2016).



Vietnam, Gia Lai province, Mang Yang district, A Yun municipality, Kon Ka Kinh National Park, 31 km WNW of K’Bang town, forest, near earth road, 14° 14’ 05’’ N, 108˚ 18’ 29’’ E, elev. 1390 m, 12 May 2016, A.N. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsova, M.S. Nuraliev 1470 (MW0595639).



Vietnam, Gia Lai province. 


Flowers in May in nature.

















Plant herbaceous, perennial, evergreen. Stem constantly erect, to 40–50 cm high, Ø 3–4.5 [3.8] mm, supported by a few prop roots. Stem with regularly repeating units, each comprising 4–6 distichously arranged cataphylls followed by a foliage leaf. Roots grey, Ø 1.5–2.5 [2.1] mm. Cataphylls light grey, oblong, 5–7.6 [6.2] cm long, 4.5–10 [6.2] cm wide, promptly withering. Foliage leaves distinctly divided into petiole and lamina. Petiole green, adaxially sulcate, 5.5–11 [8.8] cm long, Ø 2.0–2.5 [2.3] mm. Lamina green, elliptic, basally cuneate and apically acuminate, 10–19 [13.7] cm long, 2–6 [3.5] cm wide, with midvein somewhat prominent at abaxial surface. Peduncle (specialized reproductive shoot) whitish green, 4.5–5.5 [5] mm long, Ø 1–1.7 [1.4] mm, with 4–5 whitish, widely ovate, acuminate, 7 mm long, 5 mm wide distichously arranged scale leaves. Flower solitary at top of peduncle, upright. Perigone 6.5–10 [8.1] mm long, Ø 6.7–8.4 [7.6] mm; tube whitish green, smooth and lustrous (later becoming greyishbrown and slightly longitudinally rugose) outside, purple inside, globoid, 5.5–9 [7.1] mm long; lobes 6 (rarely 4), whitish green and smooth outside, purple and papillose inside, triangular, very small, ca. 1 mm long, 1.3–2 [1.6] mm wide, upright or slightly curved outward, leaving orifice ca. 1.5 mm wide. Stamens 6 (rarely 4—in the same number as perigone lobes), inserted at middle level of perigone tube below upper surface of stigma, at the same radii with tepals; anthers sessile, 1.5–2 mm long, 1 mm wide, introrse. Pistil clubshaped, 4.1–5 [4.5] mm high. Style white, cylindrical, 1–1.5 mm long, Ø 1–1.5 mm. Stigma purple, widely obconical, 2.6–3 [2.8] mm high, Ø 5–6 [5.5] mm at top, with 6 very prominent longitudinal ridges which alternate with stamens and 6 less prominent longitudinal ridges opposite stamens; upper surface flat, star-shaped with 6 large and 6 small rays which correspond to ridges. Larger ridges of stigma touch inner surface of perigone tube and divide inner space of flower into 6 chambers, with one stamen in each. Ovary inconspicuous, superior, 3-locular. Fruits green, subspherical, 11–13 [12] mm long, Ø 9.5–13 [11.8] mm, 3-seeded, slightly tuberculate; carpophore absent.


Vislobokov et al. (2016) Phytotaxa 282(1): 46–52.