Aspidistra larutensis


Aspidistra larutensis Wilde & A.Vogel – Folia Malaysiana 6(3-4): 126. (2005).


Aspidistra larutensis is currently a synonym of Aspidistra hainanensis W.Y.Chun & F.C.How



Leiden cult., collected: Peninsular Malaysia, Perak, Bukit Larut, (4°43' N; 100°48' E, at 1150 m altitude), A Vogel 960183 (Holotypus KEP; isotypus: BKF, L, K, SING).


Malaysia: Perak.


Flowers in in May, August, and September in cultivation.










Perennial glabrous herb. Rhizome epigeal or partially hypogeal, 5(-10) mm diam., few-branched, with dense scales and 5 or 6 tufted erect ensiform leaves at the end of short lateral branches. Leaves: erect; blade long-lanceolate, apex acute, 30–40 x 2–3 cm, margin finely serrate towards apex; petiole (10–) 15–20 cm long, darkened. Scape solitary; peduncle short, 0.5(–l) cm long; bracts and bracteoles 2–4, broadly ovate, sub-obtuse, green, 4–8 mm long, the apical 2 largest, embracing the floral tube. Flowers bisexual. Perianth campanulate (sometimes slightly urceolate), fleshy-leathery, adaxially completely purple-black; tube 10–12 x 10–12 mm; lobes 5 or 6, subtriangular, c. 7 mm long, at base 0.7–0.8 mm wide, erect but ultimately recurved, apex obtuse, adaxially with 4 obtuse smooth ribs, extending down halfway into the tube; stamens 5 (or 6), inserted just below halfway up the tube (positioned lower than the stigma); anthers broadly obovate, c. 3 x 4 mm, subsessile, pistil including stigma nearly as long as the tube, c. 8 mm long, ovary narrow, c. 3 mm long and wide, style short, widening into broad mushroom-shaped, convex, fleshy, stigma, 8-10 mm diam., shallowly 3-lobed, creamy white, contrasting with and concealing the purple-black (maroon) perianth-tube. Fruits and seeds not observed.

Sourses: Wilde & A.Vogel (2005) – Folia Malaysiana 6 (3&4): 125-130.