Aspidistra nikolaii


Aspidistra nikolaii Aver. & Tillich – Feddes Repert. 119(1-2): 40. (2008).



Vietnam, Province Thua Thien-Hue, Nam Dong District, Thuong Lo Municipality, along Cha Mang stream, around point 16°07′52″ N, 107°43′49″ E; 400–450 m, HAL 11041, April 9th, 2007 (HN, Iso LE).



Vietnam, Province Thua Thien-Hue, Nam Dong District, Huong Son Municipality, around point 16°10′22″ N, 107°36′24″ E; HAL 7010, March 28th, 2005 (HN).


Vietnam: Thua Thien-Hue province.


Flowers in March–April in nature.










Plantae erectae, ca. 1 m altae. Perigonium campanulatum, 60–70(–90) mm diametro, obscure violaceum ad fere nigrum. Pistillum obconicum. Shoot erect, up to 1.20 m high, with few distant leaves, stem woody, ∅ 4–5 mm, supported by stilt roots; Petiole ca. 10 cm, stiff upright; Lamina narrow lanceolate, uniformly green, ca. 25–30 × 5–6 cm, apex long acuminate, base gradually tapering to petiole, midvein moderately prominent at lower surface, each half of lamina with three stronger secondary veins, between them 5–7 weaker tertiary nerves with numerous anastomoses; Flowers solitary, subsessile, with a number of small dark violet scale leaves at their base, perigone widely campanulate, 45–50(–65) mm long, ∅ 60–70(–90) mm, blackish violet to nearly black, lobes 8–10, rounded or mucronate, 8– 10 mm long, 9–12 mm wide, with 3–5 somewhat prominent nerves; Stamens 8–10, close to base of tube, anthers subsessile, ovate, white or pale yellow; Pistil obconical, 13–15 mm long, ovar inconspicuous, stigma circular with undulate margin, ∅ 13–15 mm, flat, violet, with 4–5 radial whitish bi- or trifurcate lines. Fruit globose, ∅ 2 cm, brown, topped with remnant of style base, surface with polygonal corky areas.


Tillich & Averyanov (2008) – Feddes Repertorium 119 (1–2): 37–41.