Aspidistra paucitepala


Aspidistra paucitepala Vislobokov, Nuraliev & D.D.Sokoloff – Phytotaxa 161(4): 272. (2014).


Aspidistra parviflora N.S.Lý & Tillich



Vietnam: Lam Dong province: Bao Lam district, Loc Bac municipality, 12 km WNW from Loc Thang town, forest margin, near road, elev. 1050 m, N 11° 43' 27'', E 107° 42' 58'', 6 April 2013, A.N. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsova, M.S. Nuraliev 771 (MW holotype).





Paratypes: Vietnam: Lam Dong province: Bao Lam district, Loc Bac municipality, 12 km WNW from Loc Thang town, in the forest, at the edge of earth road, elev. 1000 m, N 11° 43' 15'', E 107° 42' 45'', 30 April 2012, A.N.Kuznetsov, S.P.Kuznetsova, M.S.Nuraliev 638 (MW).

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Vietnam: Lam Dong province.


Flowers in April–May in nature.














Herbaceous perennial rhizomatous evergreen plant. Rhizome branching, hypogeous or frequently epigeous, ascending to vertical with prop roots, Ø 7.5–12.2 [8.5] mm; cataphylls dark brown, oblong, 40–95 [57] mm long, 6–12 [8] mm wide. Roots grey, Ø 1.8–2.8 [2.2] mm. Leaves solitary, distinctly divided into petiole and lamina. Petiole 6.5–20 [12.3] cm long, Ø 2.3–4.3 [2.7] mm, adaxially canaliculate. Lamina green, oblong, basally cuneate and distally gradually acuminate, 14–23 [19.1] cm long, 3.5–5.7 [4.6] cm wide, with 3–4 secondary veins at both sides of the midvein. The midvein and the secondary veins somewhat prominent on lower surface. Peduncle 3–5 mm long, with ovate scale leaves up to 7.2 mm long. Flowers solitary, subsessile. Perianth narrow funnel-shaped to nearly tubular; tube white at both sides, 8–11.5 [9.6] mm long, Ø 3.4–5.2 [4.1] mm; lobes (2)3–4, straight or somewhat curved inwards, oblong, suddenly acuminate, fleshy, dark violet at both sides, 0.5–0.6 mm thick, 2.4–4.1 [3.2] mm wide, 1.3–3[1.9] mm long. Stamens (2)3–4 (in the same number as perianth lobes), inserted at the middle of the perianth tube, at the same radii with tepals; anthers subsessile, linear, white with yellow thecae, 2–3.1 [2.3] mm long, 1–1.3 [1.1] mm wide at the base, latrorse; connective triangular, without a connective appendage but with apically extended thecae. Pistil cylindrical to conical, white, 2.4–3.8 [2.9] mm long, Ø 0.7–1.1 [1] mm at the base. Style widened to entire or obscurely lobed stigma covered by numerous hairs. Ovary superior, unilocular. Fruits dark-violet to black (green when young), spherical, with short conical protuberances, Ø 8.1–14.7 [11.3] mm, 1- or 2-seeded, sometimes with 1–2 unfertilised ovules. Fruiting peduncles 4.5–9 [6.1] mm long, Ø 1.2–1.8 [1.6] mm.


Tillich (2006) – Feddes Repert. 117(1-2): 139–145.