Aspidistra phanluongii


Aspidistra phanluongii Vislobokov – Pl. Syst. Evol. 299(2): 349. (2012).



Vietnam, Dong Nai prpovince, Vinh Cuu District, 50 km NNE from Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Reserve, Ma Da Forest District, 11˚ 22’ 43.7’’ N, 107˚ 03’ 41.1’’ E, 18 Nov 2011, N.A. Vislobokov M0111 (MW0591732).



Vietnam, Dong Nai prpovince, Binh Phuoc province. 


Flowers in October–December in nature.














Herbaceous perennial rhizomatous evergreen plant. Rhizome creeping, hypogeous, Ø 4.5–8 [6.4] mm, cataphylls pale green up to 10 cm long, roots numerous, Ø up to 4 mm. Leaves solitary, distinctly divided into petiole and lamina. Petiole 10–40 [20] cm long, Ø 2–4 [3] mm. Lamina fair green, lanceolate to elliptic, basally cuneate and distally acuminate, 17–31 [23.5] cm long, 3–9 [6.5] cm wide, with 3–4 secondary veins at both sides of the midrib. Peduncle hypogeous, white or pale green, 1–5 [2.3] cm long, Ø 1,8–3 [2.3] mm, with 5–8 scale leaves, two upper scales largest, adjoining to perianth, widely ovate, acuminate, up to 11 mm long. Flowers crowded, epigeous, perianth 10.5–16.5 [13.6] mm high, Ø 10–16 [13] mm, tube widely bowl-shaped, dark-violet inside and outside, mouth of tube holeØ4–9 [6] mm; lobes 6 (very rarely 4, 5, 7, 8), reflexed, oblong, dark-violet or dull-green outside, white inside (pale green inside in young flowers), 5.0–7.5 [6.1] mm long, 3–4.5 [3.9] mm wide, lobes basally with two prominent keels 0.5 mm high. Stamens usually 6, at the base of the perianth tube, filament 0.5–0.8 [0.6] mm long, anthers 1.5–2 [1.6] mm long, anthers latrorse. Pistil table-shaped, ovary inconspicuous, superior, tricarpellate, in each carpel 2 seed buds, style short, 2–2.5 [2.3] mm, stigma circular, discshaped,three-lobed, each lobe distally bifurcate, upper surface white in the centre, distally violet, sometime violet mottled, Ø 10–13 [12] mm. Pollen grains globular, inaperturate, Ø30–40 µm, exine irregularly reticulate, the cross-points of the net strongly thickened. Fruits usually 3-seeded (rarely 4–6-seeded), dark-violet to black, spherical, slightly oblate in vertical direction, 9–15 [12] mm long, Ø 10–22 [14] mm, somewhat three-lobed,with rough protuberances. The shape of the seeds is like a segment of a sphere, surface somewhat wrinkled.


Vislobokov et al. (2012) Pl. Syst. Evol. 299(2): 347–355.