Aspidistra stenophylla


Aspidistra stenophylla C.R.Lin & R.C.Hu – Phytotaxa 170(1): 53. (2014).



China: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jingxi County, Tongde town, limestone mountains, alt. 780 m, 12 May 2012, Chun-Rui Lin 1036 (holotype, IBK; isotype, IBK).


China: Guangxi.


Flowers in May–June in nature.












Herbs perennial, evergreen, rhizomatous. Rhizome creeping, subterete, 9–10 mm thick, covered with scales, nodes densely. Roots numerous. Vaginal leaves 4–5, 2–6 cm long, purple-red, becoming black-brown when dry. Leaves solitary; petiole stiffly upright, 9–22 cm long, 2 mm thick, adaxially sulcate; leaf blade linear, 50–60 cm long, 1.5–2.5 cm wide, dark green, base tapering into petiole, apex acuminate, margin entire, midvein distinct, lateral veins conspicuous when dried. Peduncle purple-red, 1.5–3 cm long, with 4–6 bracts; bracts gradually wider from base to top of peduncle, white with purple-red spots, 3–5 mm long, ca 5 mm wide, obtuse at apex. Flower solitary; perigone urceolate, ca 15 mm long, dark purple, adaxially finely papillose; lobes 6, triangular, slightly curved inward, 6–7 mm long, 5–6 mm wide at base, adaxially purple-red and with light yellow apex, with two prominent keels from top to the middle of perigone tube; perigone tube 8–9 mm long and 14–15 mm in diameter, adaxially dark purple. Stamens 6, opposite to the perigone lobes, inserted at the bottom of the perigone tube, significantly lower than stigma; anthers oblong, ca 2 mm long and 1 mm wide, filaments ca 1 mm long. Pistil mushroom-shaped, purple-red, ca 1 cm long, ovary inconspicuous, style short, cylindrical, ca 2 mm long and 1 mm in diameter, stigma peltate, subrotundate, ca 1 cm in diameter, upper surface with 3 whitish, ca 1 mm high, “V” shaped ribs, and 3 purple-red radial ribs from center to margin, slightly irregularly undulate at margin. Berry subglobose, 10–15 mm in diameter, slightly tuberculate.


Hu et al. (2014) – Phytotaxa 170 (1): 53–56.