Aspidistra stricta


Aspidistra stricta Tillich – Feddes Repert. 116(5-6): 322. (2005).



From a plant in cultivation at the Botanical Garden Munich (accession-nr. 96/3124), collected by N. Arnautov (Arnautov 88-110) in Vietnam, Prov. Lam Dong, Dalat. Tillich 4367 (M), including flowers at the liquid collection at (M).


Vietnam: Lam Dong province.


Flowers in May–June in cultivation.








Rhizome epigeous, ∅ 10 mm, cataphylls brown, up to 10 cm long; Petiole ca. 20 cm long, green; Lamina 25–30 cm long and 7– 10 cm wide, firm, smooth, dark-green, partly with pale green dots, margin at distal half finely dentate, base cuneate, somewhat decurrent, midvein at upper surface slightly sunken, prominent at lower surface from base to middle of lamina, at both sides of midrib 5–7 secondary veins; Flowers solitary, subsessile, upright, fleshy, with distinct aromatic scent, perigone purple, ∅ 25–30 mm, tepal lobes 6, stiff, fleshy, upright, 35–40 mm long, proximally 10 mm and distally 4–5 mm wide, free nearly to base of perigone, each adaxially with one very prominent median keel at lower half; Stamens 6, at base of tube, nearly sessile, anthers drop shaped, 2 mm long, connective with distal cylindrical appendage 1 mm long; Pistil mushroom-shaped, ovar inconspicuous, stigma sessile on ovar, widely conoid, ∅ 16–18 mm, with 6 high radial purple crests.


Tillich (2005) – Feddes Repertorium 116: 5–6, 313–338.