Aspidistra viridiflora


Aspidistra viridiflora Vislobokov & Nuraliev – Phytotaxa 313(2): 203. (2017).




Vietnam, Kon Tum province, Sa Thay district, Ro Koi municipality, Chu Mom Ray National Park, 33 km WNW of Kon Tum city, in the forest, 14° 29’ 04’’ N, 107° 42’ 52’’ E, elev. 980 m, collected in nature on 7 April 2015, M.S. Nuraliev, A.N. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsova 1280, the herbarium specimen prepared from the living cultivated plant on 17 February 2017 by N.A. Vislobokov and M.S. Romanov (MW0754789).


Living plants are in cultivation in the N.V. Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden  of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (garden number: 2015. 11381).


Vietnam, Kon Tum province (Chu Mom Ray National Park). 


Flowers in March–April in nature, in December–March in greenhouse.
















Plant perennial, evergreen, herbaceous, rhizomatous, completely glabrous. Rhizome creeping, epigeous, with very short internodes, Ø 8.9–16.6 mm. Roots grey, Ø 1.6–3.3 mm. Rhizomes with regularly repeating units, each comprising distichously arranged phyllomes: 5–12 cataphylls followed by 2–3 foliage leaves. Cataphylls oblong, up to 12 cm long, 23–25 mm wide. Foliage leaves not divided into petiole and lamina, gradually narrowing towards base. Leaf base dark to light green, sulcate adaxially, 4.7–5.9 mm wide. Leaf blade dark to light green, linear, distally narrowly acuminate, 56–91.2 cm long, 1.3–3.6 cm wide, with small denticles along margin, with 1–2 secondary veins at each side of midvein. Midvein prominent abaxially. Peduncle (specialized reproductive shoot) whitish green, ca. 2.2 cm long, Ø 2.6–2.9 mm, with 3 greenish, widely ovate, 6.1–8.8 mm long, 10 mm wide (being flattened) distichously arranged scale leaves. Flower solitary at top of peduncle, upright or slightly slanted. Perigone cup-shaped, 13.1–14.9 mm long, Ø 11.9–12.9 mm; tube outside green to greenish white, smooth and lustrous, inside reddish purple with 6 white vertical stripes (in lower two thirds) at radii of stamens and also white at bottom, 8.6–9.8 mm long; lobes 6, outside whitish green, sometimes with purple spots at base along margin, smooth, inside green with purple spots gradually turning purple towards base, deltoid, 5.4–7.2 mm long, 5.9–6.7 mm wide, slightly curved outward, bearing 4 prominent longitudinal keels at adaxial side. Stamens 6, inserted at middle level of perigone tube considerably below stigma, at the same radii with tepals; filaments white, cylindrical, 0.5–1 mm long; anthers 1.3–2.3 mm long, 1.6–1.9 mm wide, introrse. Pistil table-shaped, 5.5–6.5 mm long; style white, cylindrical, ca. 4.3 mm long, Ø 1.8–2.8 mm; stigma white above, white with purple spots along margin below, disk-shaped, slightly 6-lobed, ca. 1.8 mm thick, Ø 6.5–7.3 mm, with 3 straight radial grooves and 3 bifurcated radial grooves. Ovary inconspicuous, superior, 3-locular. Young fruits green, spherical, Ø 11–13 mm; ripe fruits unknown.


Vislobokov N.A. et al. (2005) Phytotaxa 313(2): 203–209.