Aspidistra wujiangensis


Aspidistra wujiangensis W.F.Xu & S.Z.He – Phytotaxa 231(3): 297. (2015).


China. Guizhou province, Yanhe country, under the shrub beside Wujiang valley, 20 September 2007, W. F. Xu et al. 070920 (holotype, GZTM).


China. Guizhou province, Yanhe country, 20 September 2007, W.F. Xu et al. 070921 (GZTM)


China: Guizhou.


Flowers in September–October, fruits in October–November in nature.










Herbs perennial, rhizome creeping, subterete, 5−7 mm thick, covered with scales. Roots elongate. Leaf sheaths 3−4, purple-brown, 3−8 cm long, enclosing the base of leaves, fibrous when withered. Leaves solitary, 1.1−1.7 cm apart, leaf blade narrowly oblanceolate with small yellowish white spots, 23−36 × 3.2−4 cm, apex gradually acuminate, base gradually narrowed into petiole; Petiole 14−26 cm. Penduncle 0.8−1.2 cm, subterete, bracts 4−6, 4.5−5.5 × 5−6 mm. Flower solitary, erect; Perigone campanulate, purple-red, 9.5−12 × 8−8.5 mm, 8-lobed, perigone tube 7−9 mm in length, 8 mm in diameter, lobes yellowish white, 2.5−3 mm long and ca. 2 mm wide at base; Stamens 8, inserted at ca. 3 mm above base of tube, filament extremely short, anther ovoid, 1.7 × 1.2 mm; Pistil 3.5−4 mm in length with joint between style and stigma, ovary scarcely swelled, ca. 2.5 mm in diameter, stigma dishing swelled, purple-red, 6−7 mm in diameter, 4−lobed at margin, lobes concave apex, the center slightly convex with 4 pairs of radiate ridges on the upper surface and a groove appeared in each pair of ridges; Berry pyriform, 1−1.3 cm high and 1.1−1.4 cm in diameter, with small spines on the surface.


Xu et al. (2015) – Phytotaxa 231(3): 297–299.