Aspidistra yunwuensis


Aspidistra yunwuensis S.Z.He & W.F.Xu – Phytotaxa 205(4): 295. (2015).



China. Guizhou province, Guiding Country, Pingfa Township, under the shrub beside the valley, elevation ca. 780 m, 3 October 2008, S.Z. He et al. 081006 (holotype GZTM)


Pingfa Township, Guiding Country, Guizhou Province, China, 3 October. 2008, S.Z. He et al. 081008 (GZTM).


China: Guizhou.


Flowers in September–October, fruits in October–November in nature.










Herbs perennial, rhizome creeping, subterete, 4−8 mm thick, covered with scales. Leaf sheaths 3−4, purple-red, 4−9 cm long, enclosing the base of leaves, fibrous when withered. Leaves solitary, 0.4−1.5 cm apart, leaf blade narrowly oblanceolate, 24−28 × 3−4.5 cm, apex gradually acuminate, base gradually narrowed into petiole; petiole 16−20 cm. Peduncle 1.5−3 cm, purple, erect, keeping the flower more or less horizontally, bracts 2−3, broadly ovate, purple-red, 4−6 × 3−5 mm. Flower solitary; perigone urceolate, 8−9 mm tall, 6(−8)lobed, white or spotted with purple-red outside, whitish-pink inside, perigone tube 5.5−6 mm in length, 10−11 mm in diameter, lobes deltoid, erect, 2.5−3 mm long and ca. 2.8 mm wide at base; stamens 6(−8), inserted at base of the tube, close to pistil base, filaments suberect, ca. 1 mm in length, anthers oblong, ca. 0.9 × 0.7 mm; pollen ovoid, with verrucose ornamentation; pistil 3.5−4.5 mm in length, light purple, style cylindrical, ovary slightly swollen, stigma purple-red, 1.7−1.9 mm in diameter, slightly convex with 3 indistinct radiate grooves on the upper surface, 3-lobed at margin, lobes half round; pollen ovoid, with verrucose ornamentation on the surface. Berry presence of short carpophore-elongated basal part of gynoecium, 1−1.5 cm high, 1.2−1.4 cm in diameter, with small spines.


Xu et al. (2016) – Phytotaxa 205 (4): 295–298.